Book Review: The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies: Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae by Sky Alexander

Adams Media, 978-1507215913, 256 pages, June 2021

…. When you hear the word “fairy”. What image comes to mind? A miniature girl with gossamer wings and a sparkly dress, a la Disney’s version of Tinker Bell? A benevolent creature who flies about sprinkling fairy dust everywhere, waving her wand to make children’s wishes come true? if so, you are in for a surprise……Like unicorns and mermaids, these magickal entities have been denatured by pop culture, robbed of their mystique and majesty. The fairies of old were nothing like the sugar coated cartoon characters we envision today. They were powerful beings of a semi-divine nature, who may have descended from the gods and goddesses. According to some tales, they served as the prototypes from which the human race evolved… 1.

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies: Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae by Sky Alexander is part of the Modern Witchcraft series published by Adams Media, an imprint of Simon and Schuster publishers. I have had the pleasure of reviewing several of Ms. Alexander’s books and am always engaged and interested in both her style of writing and the content provided to the reader. Ms. Skye address head on in the first page of the Introduction how the interpretation of fairies (and other creatures) has been skewed and modernized inaccurately to fit a disbelieving culture where true magick doesn’t exists beyond slight of hand, smoke and mirrors.

A very helpful inclusion is entitled “How to Use This Book”.  I think most books regarding magickal arts and practice should all include a “How to Use This Book” section, but this is particularly thoughtful in regard to this particular subject and the misinformation that abounds around work with the Fae. Knowing the intention of each chapter and the why for inclusion of a specific lineage of Fae provides a more complete picture of the nuances and diversity among the race of the Fae.

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies: Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae is separated into two (2) parts and thirteen (13) chapters. Part One: Communing with Fairies is dedicated to information and lore about the various beings that are part of the realm of the Fae, where to commonly find them, their magick and their association with the practice of witchcraft. Ms. Alexander presents a very complete picture of the varied communities of the Fae, as well as the caution and at times need for protection and safe guarding from the more mischievous nature of some of the Fae. We are reminded that although they are not of the same lineage as we, just as there are humans that are contentious, and ill mannered, so too there are beings of Fae who want nothing to do with humans and will if pursued be downright nasty.

Part Two: Spells, Rituals and Practices for Working with Fairies Throughout the Year dives into ritual, spells and workings to enlist the aid and collaboration of the Fae. The book is literally packed with information, and sprinkled with relevant quotes and snippets of more lore and fact.

Part Two’s offerings are broken down into chapters, each of which, focuses on a specific intention in desiring to work with the Fairy realms and their specific inhabitants that could aid. Topics such as Love, Safety and Protection, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Personal and Professional Success and more are tucked nicely into dedicated chapters. Each chapter is complete with details on workings, the “who” of the Fae that would be suited to request aid from, ritual, visualizations and lists of what you need by way of physical supplies.

I especially enjoyed the inclusion of Chapter 12: Working With Fairies on the Sabbats and Holidays. There is a kindred nature in the collaboration of the Fae, witches and witchcraft. Aligning this nature with that of the Witch’s Wheel of the Year is an organic way of enlisting the aid, particularly of those Fae of nature, in the celebration and honoring of the seasonal turning of the Wheel and the magick that arises.

The Appendix at the end of the book offers a robust and extensive listing of correspondences that include gemstones, herbs and spice, oils and incense and flowers that are particularly favored by the Fae and offer the correct energetic signature for successful work.

At the risk of being a complete nerd, I must also comment on the physical book itself. In an age where Kindle replaces the tactile kinesthetic experience of turning a page or assessing the weight of a book by holding it in your hand, I am pleased to see that many of the books I have recently reviewed for Simon and Schuster are hard cover copies.  This title also makes use of parchment type paper with uneven edging that adds exponentially to the ambient feel of the book, playing nicely with the subject matter. The overall impression is one of having acquired a special tome that will be used frequently when not sitting in an old over-filled bookcase in a comfortable reading/magickal room that smells of herbs and incense and being read by candlelight. Yes, I proudly claim the title of geeky-witch.

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies: Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae by Sky Alexander is another interesting and very informative title by both the author and the lucky publisher who gets to share Ms. Skye’s knowledge. Regardless of your inclination to establish a working relationship with the Fae, knowing more about the predispositions and nature of those who inhabit the same sentient space as we do is a showing of respect and curiosity that we could all certainly use more of nowadays. I could say more, but somethings simply need to be experienced. A highly recommended read.

About the Author: Skye Alexander

Skye Alexander is the award-winning author of more than thirty fiction and nonfiction books, including Your Goddess Year, The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need, The Modern Guide to Witchcraft, The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book, The Modern Witchcraft Grimoire, The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot, and The Modern Witchcraft Book of Love Spells. Her stories have been published in anthologies internationally, and her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. The Discovery Channel featured her in the TV special, Secret Stonehenge, doing a ritual at Stonehenge. She divides her time between Texas and Massachusetts.


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A Tarot Spread for the New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve….

The Magickal Pen

About this spread:

This is a favorite spread that I created back in 2015 and have used every year as a new year begins and new opportunities abound. I am paying particular attention for this year’s draw as we move into 2021 and so much is still in the pending phase. Just as 2020 brought unexpected events, I want to be as prepared as possible for what 2021 may hold and how I can navigate the inevitable changes in a more self-informed way. And, if nothing else, there is a certain comfort in allowing the intuitive self to take a peek into the possibilities.

With the dawning of a New Year, there are many ways to welcome this fresh start. This astrological spread is a way of accessing information that can be used throughout the year as the Sun transits from one astrological sign to the next. The emphasis is…

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness- Epilogue

A Simple Contemplative Ritual

Today the offering is a simple ritual you may wish to use on day after the Winter Solstice. We have been seeking the light within; we have called forth that light and as we stand in the first day towards the increase of Light, all comes to this sweet point of hope and promise.

What you will need:

  • A quiet space where you will not be disturbed and is or can be darkened;
  • Something comfortable to sit on;
  • Any color candle and holder;
  • Matches (preferably the long ones)-not a lighter;
  • A warm cup of cider, hot chocolate or tea.

Establish your space in whatever way aligns with your practice, calling it forth as a sacred, safe and quiet space for your working.

Settle in to whatever chair or other bodily support you have chosen. Make note of the strength of it as it supports the contours of your body. Make note of your physical form resting gently in its support and the feeling of density of your manifest form.

Begin to take notice of your breath; the rise and fall of your chest and expansion and contraction of your lungs. Sit back, deepening yourself in your chair. Make note of the comfort you are feeling right now.

Reach out and pick up your cup and begin sipping whatever hot beverage you have brought into the space with you. Make note of the warmth as it trickles down your throat. The warming sensation into your stomach and the general state of well-being that you feel. Envision this warmth spreading into every cell of your body; filling you with heat and comfort.

When you have finished your drink sit back and just simply “be” in the warmth that has now been generated within you. Allow yourself to envision yourself snug and cozy in your bed. It is Solstice night and the darkness surrounds, but you know that the warmth you are feeling within will soon be brought to light in the Dawn Sun’s rising. Make note of how these images make you feel.

Now, reach out and take up a match. Breathe deeply and push the warmth you are feeling out and into your hand and fingers as you strike the match. The flame catches and a min blaze of light flickers and sputters. Take a moment to see it in its complexity and beautiful simplicity and then light your candle.

As the flame of the match touches the wick of the candle, light sputters once again, the warmth of your light responds and in your mind’s eye envision the Dawn of today and the brilliant light of the Solstice Sun that marks the return towards lengthening days.

Sit for as long as you wish, looking into the flame that has lit the darkened space.  Offer the intention of knowledge that you are both that lighted flame and the dark that surrounds. You are the rising of the Solstice Sun and within you, now will growing a light of brilliance that will peak at the Summer Solstice.

When you have received all that is needed, blow out the candle and envision the afterglow of flame. Breathe in deeply and as you exhale see that flame and light grow. Take a few more deep breaths and then allow the image to fade returning you to whatever level of light is in the space you have chosen.

You may use this candle anytime during the year as a reminder of the power you hold within to bring the return of light.  Give thanks to the energy and yourself that have made this an experience of beauty and deepening. And, return to whatever activities you have planned for the remainder of the day/evening.

Blessed Be!

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020-Day Nineteen

All Hail the Winter Solstice!
December 21.2019

Sun in Capricorn

Today is the final countdown and we welcome the longest night, now knowing that we carry the flame of newborn light within. This day is marked astronomically by the moment the Sun  reaches its southern most point in the sky, its orbit aligning with the earth’s horizon at the astrological demarcation of Capricorn. Mercury and Pluto also share the Capricornian energy of this day and the energy of earth is more pronounced.

Mercury in astrological Capricorn brings deliberate and rooted style of communication that cals us to become more anchored in our beliefs and ideologies.   And, if we are resistant, Pluto reminds us of the necessary endings so that what lay in the future may be birthed from what has past before. In fact, Pluto has been working on this agenda at the level of our earthy perceptions for several years.  The returning strength and duration of the Sun’s light provides the highly illuminated backdrop for what we wish to bring into this changing of the waning and waxing solar year and chronologically what we wish to renew and carry forward into the New Year.

And, the earthy quality that is abundant is that of manifestation. This is the opportunity to use the manifest gifts of corporeal form to create your own space of light and growth that naturally evolves from that source. This turn of the year, after all, points us towards Spring and Summer’s verdant splendor. Now, on this day, we create the structure that will use what lessons have been crafted in the past and can become the new life that springs forth in our future endeavors.

We have moved as the Hermit within and sought the blessings of a lantern that remains ever lit; our breath of intent fanning its light that it may show us the path. This is the walking between the pillars of the High Priestess’ Throne and wielding a magick that weaves its light drawn from a source of Divine inspiration and the bounty of a manifest and purposeful life.

Carrying the Flame into the Dawn

If you are able set your your alarm for 30-60 minutes before sunrise tomorrow morning. Plan to go outside where you can see the first rays of the sun’s light. As you wait in those last 30-60minutes of darkness, recall the work you have done these past 19+ days. Call up the energy of thought and feeling that bubbled to the surface as you began to respond in an illuminated way.

Give some reflection on what may have changed within you, as well as deepened as you stand in anticipation of this morning’s dawning. And, I take you back to the start of these days…

….The night is cold and I stand facing the darkness; thick and almost opaque in its veiling. I think on all that has brought me to this point of the Great Wheel and call to myself the memories of lessons learned and shadowy places uncovered needing nurturance and cultivation. Each memory is illuminated from within and I feel the heat of my Inner Sun flaring out from center’s core; extending light filled streams of connection to each treasured sensation and image.

Tingling energy moves across my back affirming my growing anticipation of the promise held in the rising sun as I await the dawning of the Solstice Sun. I think on the moments of waiting I have seen at this same cycle of time the many years before and how each has held its own joy of new expression. I breathe into these thoughts, envisioning the flame of sunlight growing within myself. I breathe deeply into the joy of being able to turn the focus of that light outwards as the sun gains strength in the sky above and I attune to that same solar cycle within.

I look ahead and see rays of filtered light flowing around and through me casting their long slim finger-like beams on the snowscape in front of me. The time is now. One more deep breath in affirming the strength of the dark that has come before, and I turn to face the rising sun. Dawn of the Winter Solstice has come and with its rising so too does the rising of my illuminated self; forever changed….

And, as the last of these words and images fade, the Sun is rising, the Dawn of Light renewing all that it touches and your illuminated light in the darkness has lit the way!

Many blessings of this new journey into the waxing year…. Robin

A special post about the Astrology of today….

Gifts of the Winter Solstice 2020

Check in tomorrow for a special Epilogue to our calling forth the Light!

Need a little refresher about Sun in Capricorn?
As Above, So Below: Sun in Capricorn

The Hermit, The High Priestess and the Magician..

19-Days of Illuminated Darkness-Day Seven          


78 Keys of Tarot:The Magician
78 Keys of Tarot: The Magus (Toth)

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020-Day Eighteen

A Tarot Spread for the Winter Solstice

Today’s post is a call to opening to your intuitive nature and standing in the power of what this Solstice can bring into your life and being moving forward. This tarot spread was create specifically for the energies and circumstances we find ourselves surrounded in this year-2020.

No worries if you don’t have or use Tarot cards. This spread can also use runes, crystals or any other divination tool you may have. And, in keeping with the power of the magickal worker, sitting in contemplative opening and simply posing the questions of focus aligned within this spread and listening to what the Higher Self and the Divine will share with you is all that is needed. You are the instrument of divination, wisdom, and all that is needed for any inquiry.

Blessinsg of this spread and the bounty of gifts that the light of the Solstice will provide…

Read the transcript article for this spread here:

Paganpages E-Zine

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020-Day Seventeen

Waking Up

Breathe deeply. The time is almost here. We stayed out in the sun’s full light and knew that the days would shorten and the time for quiet and rest would be ticking down to the day that soon will be.

We’ve waited through the first harvest, as wheat and grain were cut and the grain lord nourished and filed our bellies. We’ve waited through the second harvest and the last of the root and sacrifice of the animal gave promise that we would survive the increasing darkness ahead.

We called to the ancestors and stood at death’s gate seeking the way and offering up plates of food and drink to those beloveds long past. The veils parted and their gossamer form billowed out in the chill of purposeful winds. And, the cry of the banshee cut sharp and strong like shards of ice.

We settled in deeply to hearth and friends and family. Each providing a warmth of their own and each demanding its own space of sacrifice and offering. We turned within, contemplative and reflecting on a light that we sought as external source. And, still the darkness came, minute by minute, day by day.

Soon we will stand in the night, long and cold hoping for light that will grow minute by minute, day by day. Soon we will wake up and the morning’s sun will illuminate the darkness and the gift of the Solstice will fill our hearts…

To Awaken those Fires of the Solstice check out this audio of a course I presented at Delmarva Pagan Pride (2015)…. Enjoy!Awakening the Inner Sun

This is the magick of Will and we, as practitioners must cultivate those fires that flow within. Topics will include discussion of how we can harness this inner fire and how to direct that energy once aroused towards magickal and spiritual development. The class will include an experiential component and suggested exercises to keep the fires burning.

Access The Course Here:

Awakening the Inner Sun

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020-Day Sixteen

The Light Within the Shadow of the Solstice-Part 2

The Battle Begins

Read Part One here…

The time of the Solstices allows for a deeper awareness and exploration of what impact we have in this world and how we may use the information we learn about ourselves to move in appropriate and fulfilling ways. It is the time of disequilibrium to bring about the eventual balance that is actualized at the Equinoxes. Neither of these energies are about everything being measured and being exactly the same amount of something on each pan of the scale. Rather, they are the states of balance that are dynamic in nature, moving and flowing one to the other and arriving at an informed state of equilibrium at some point of the process. It is again about the process of polarities and the allowance of a void or lesser amount of one thing, so that it may be filled and quickened by its opposite. There is also the component of sacrifice within these thoughts in that we must willingly acknowledge that something must be given up to make room for that which would be drawn in.

This is the battle of the Holly and the Oak Kings, as each gives way to the other and also resists the relinquishing to the other of its power. One holds the promise of the growing Light and the other the refuge of the increasing Darkness. And, although they are one in the same, in order that the cycles may continue and a newly formed energy can be birthed into being, one must relinquish a parcel of its power to be subsumed into the other; temporary imbalance as brothers become enemies and in the final act, become allies in the process of transformation. The Light of the Oak King birthed from the darkening and lessening of the Holly King.

We call forth to the return of the Light-filled Oak King and celebrate the waxing of the Light half of the year. But, in order for that light to shine in its fullest way, we must also embrace and celebrate the remaining vestiges of the darkness of the Holly King. The darkness of the months that persist of winter’s cold. The darkness that becomes the expanding shadow as the sun shines increasingly longer and brighter around us. And, the darkness that we can retreat into to find those hidden sparks that yearn to be nurtured and brought to the full light of day.

As the weather remains or becomes even colder, the natural inclination is to seek out the warmth and coziness of home. And, so I retreat into the welcoming warmth of my home and settle in ready to study, meditate and reveal more of myself to myself. I embrace the early evening darkness as a cloak that I step into so I can more fully appreciate the sun’s light of day. I move within both physically, settling into home and family and spiritually as I dig deeper into the recesses of my own nature. I seek out and call to the inner spark within and stand ready to embrace also the Shadow of my nature as it rises to the surface, revealed by that light.

More contemplative work and the afterglow of the Holly and Oak…

Sitting quietly, think on these questions…

1. How will you charge ahead in the battle for light?
2. What piece of yourself will you claim as victory?
3. What have you allowed to be slain on the field?
4. Where is your place of retreat and solitude that provides a respite from your battles?

Review the story of the Oak and Holly Kings here..
19 Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020: Day Nine

Continuing the Journey – Just Breathe

Now, is an excellent time to begin a practice of meditation and reflection. Meditation can take many forms, not just the traditional pattern of sitting quietly in contemplation. Any time we spend in reflecting on our inner nature can become an act of meditation. Be sure to breathe deeply into these moments….

In meditation, I allow my breath to slow and deepen into the darkness and move along the paths of my own creation that I have tended to in the previous months in preparation for this time of going within. These paths are often mired with the thorns and treacherous roots of inertness, illusory thoughts and judgments that I have used as the trappings of who I am in the world. My Shadow has nurtured each and knows the weakness and strength of each because in this space of darkness what is revealed is often seen more clearly in its true form than in the blinding light. When I finally relax and surrender into the wisdom of my Shadow the first striking of the match of greater light is drawn across the rough surface of my resistance, and the resistance is transformed into the tiny sparks that ignite the part of myself that is receptive and waiting.

In accord with the energy of the Solstice, I allow the weakening resistance of my Holly King to be replaced with a renewed sense of purpose and the strength of my Oak King. My Shadow self is resistant to being brought forward, knowing that bits of it will be released in sacrifice and other parts will be transformed so that its darker nature can work co-creatively with the strength of my light self. I call to the Oak King that he may bless and enliven both aspects of myself as we move forward into the new year in anticipation of what can be seeded at the Spring Equinox; and accepting the knowledge that his wisdom will be transformed as the Shadow begins to strengthen its work at the Summer Solstice and the rising once again of the Holly King.

At those points when the darkness seems pervasive and overwhelming and the light is barely visible I am reminded that without the necessary shade to prevent the seedling from drying and withering from an overabundance of the light’s unfiltered rays, the beauty of new growth and radiant and healthy flower will not come to fruition.

May the blessings of the growing Light and the wisdom of the Dark create the quickened space for a prosperous, enlightened and informed Yuletide season.

Breathing Into the Shadow…

During the day…

1. Spend sometime outside today;
2. Focus on the light of the day and how this energy fills you;
3. Close your eyes, now and focus on the darkend light behind closed lids;
4. Make note of how this light remains brilliant and bright in the day, despite your closed  lids and the appearance of shadow cloaking it. 

This is the light that remains within you shining brightly, despite the cloaked shadow you provide to it. Take several deep breaths, each deepening your own experience of the past few days. Breathe deeper still and relax into the power of who you truly are… 

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020-Day Fifteen

Image: Ellen Vaman

The Light Within the Shadow of the Solstice
The Work of Self
This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Post

For most of us the turning of the Greater Wheel to the Winter Solstice is one of welcoming the return of the Light of renewal and strength, the promise of increasingly longer hours of daylight and anticipation of warmer weather and a more outer world focused time. This change is subtle in physical form as this is also when the cold of the Winter  will remain for a few months more prompting us to retreat indoors as the early arrival of evening’s darkness envelopes and calls us into the warmth and light of home.

Each year, I do my work of Self, both within my Tradition (The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel) and personally to call forth this return of Light. And, I also find myself retreating more deeply into the shadows and taking refuge in its landscape of shadow; being intuitively drawn towards the deeper work of spiritual quickening. This is the energy of the Hermit Key of the Tarot (that I’ve shared in earlier posts) and my time to move into the darkened areas of my own inner landscape so that I may welcome and bring forth the Greater Light within. This is also the time of relying on my Shadow self to provide the necessary absence of light to guide me through those darkened paths in a constructive and informed way.

In all spiritual practice, the thought of the physical being holding the Inner Flame of Spirit or The Divine Spark of Light is offered up as a basic concept; although the semantics may differ. The way in which this Inner Light presents itself and interacts with conscious awareness may also have different ideology. And, the tools and methods used to quicken its energy may be worlds apart in intent and function, but the premise remains the same. In the space of our dark nature lay a light that is luminescent and brilliant that may be called upon to enliven and transform our spiritual and mundane pursuits. If we take it a step further, this transformation is the direct result of collaboration and embracing the dark and the light natures of our consciousness and using each as support and spiritual catalyst of the other.

This dark nature that I am referring to also has many names, functions and philosophies attached to it. I will simply call it the Shadow (Self). There is an inherent polarity in all things and this Shadow is that polarized image of our Light nature. I am intentionally not using words that are negative in connotation for the Shadow, because it is not anymore a negative aspect of our being than the Light filled self is. Both are states of being that are subject to all the permutations and scales of intensity and impact that any other state of being is. In reality, if we did not have the antithesis or opposite of something, how could we ever enjoy and fully embrace the thing that is being opposed? So, how can this Shadow state be used during the waxing of the Light and engaged to work co-creatively upon those parts of myself I Will to be quickened and primed in alignment with the increasing state of light?

Beginning steps and contemplative work..

Sitting quietly:

  1.  Think on all of those traits/qualities that you feel comfortable in displaying as who you are. How do each of these traits/qualities make you feel? Smile with each thing called up; this adds a kinesthetic quality for neural memory. Breathe into the ease of this gift of light.
  2. Now, take  deep breath and think on those traits/qualities that you hide from others. Those that make you feel dis-ease with yourself. What is your visceral reaction/ response to each that presents? Make note of how your body tenses and the kinesthetic energy that is patterned by this discomfort. Breathe into the difficulty of this acknowledgement of the shadow or hidden aspect of yourself. 
  3. Envision the co-mingling of these traits. The balanced expression of each in being lit or shadowed by the other. How is each modified? How do your feelings strengthen or soften from what is birthed anew?

In all likelihood, this exercise will feel like an inner battle with yourself. The you that wishes only to reveal to the world what you perceive as light and the you that knows a shadow is cast from that light. 

Tomorrow we will dig deeper into that battle and what can be conquered and what survives..

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19-Days of Illuminated Darkness-Day Fourteen

In the Aura of the Winter’s New Moon

As we move towards the Winter Solstice and the return of Light, today, the moon has now progressed into astrological Capricorn and, as I like to say, stands in the aura (I usually consider this to be the time of approx. 2-3 days on either side of its actual phase) of the recent New Moon.

The moon waxed New in the astrological sign of fiery Sagittarius on Monday, December 14th. This winter moon and its timing near to the date of the Winter Solstice holds the promise of connectivity and reaching beyond your comfort zone as you seek new trails to “blaze” (no pun intended). This is the energy of lighting the match (the Fire element of Sagittarius) just before and to ensure that a warm and blazing fire can be started. This is the light that shines throughout the dark and draws to itself those seeking warmth, comfort and the transformative action that occurs when heat is applied.

Carry this energy forward as its flows into today’s moon waxing moon of astrological Capricorn. The fires of Sag’s light now benefits from the boundaries and strength of earthy Capricorn. Capricorn holds the power of the mythical Seagoat-a creature that is able to dive into the depths of the intuitive waters of our personal seas and scale the heights moving with the assurance of a goat on a craggy mountainside.

Today we can arise a little more assuredly from what we have left behind in the shadows and the dark. Today we carry the lantern of new light, burgeoning towards fullness. Today we walk with assurance knowing that the renewing energy and hope that is the heart of the Winter Solstice will not falter as we strive towards the heights of our own personal solstice transformation.

Today we stand in the aura and afterglow of a New Moon of fire’s active will and feel its palpable presence in the manifest strength of our being standing in the promise of light anew.

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Day Thirteen: 19-Days of Illuminated Darkness 2020

Thank you everyone for allowing me to pause in our countdown and reach out to honor our beloveds. Today we finish our Solstice Story-Winter Fires Part 2. Enjoy….

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