Time to See the Big Picture:Full Moon in Aquarius

Blessings of the Full Moon….

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

August 3.2020 11:58am (EDT)

The Moon waxes full in the electric sign of Aquarius tomorrow late morning. The atmosphere is filled with tiny charged particles of an electric stimulant that typifies the Aquarian thought process. The ruling planet of this airy sign is Uranus, whose impact moves full force with a strong pulsing current that provokes radical change and heightens the neurological system as it prods the entirety of the being to evolve.

Time is moving swiftly, although each day feels as though it goes on forever in the wake of COVID-19, financial concerns, political fires and a general state of unrest and uncertainty. We want things to return to “normal”-whatever that means to each of us, and straining at the bit to make it so, now! Unfortunately, time has its own accord of movement and the status we are calling the “quo” is slow to have final resolution. Now…

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Summer Solstice Inspiration……

Inspirations of Life

Just came across this fabulous opportunity to celebrate the Summer Solstice and not have to travel. Check it out:

This year, solstice celebrations at Stonehenge monument are canceled due to Covid-19. But for the 1st time, you can celebrate the 1st sunrise of summer from Stonehenge online. Read more about how to access this event…


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Parting the Veils of Beltane’s Quickening

The Great Wheel of the Witch’s year has turned once more and we find ourselves held within the magick of creation itself. The Sabbatt of Beltane celebrates the sacred union of the God and Goddess and the potential for new life that is held in that act. The Goddess is the Maiden of Spring who is ready to take a lover. And, the God is the Youth, strong and potent in his fecundity. His gifts are those of the strengthening of the solar energies and, Hers are the response as lover and fertile womb for the quickening of new life.

Beltane is a joyous celebration of life, passion and the desire for the one to become two. It is a celebration of partnership and the sharing of the fires of new life that move throughout the realms of creation in all of its forms. We circle round the Maypole, the phallic symbol of seed and jump the cauldron’s balefire, enlivening the fertility within the womb of creation. We return to the lustiness of youth and allow passion’s flame to arise in our couplings. And, all the while there are the whispers of the parting veils between the worlds and the desire for the Greater Earth’s fertile energy to be used in union with the physical realm.

We speak of the parting of the veils at Samhain and the opening to ancestral wisdom, but there is another space of thinning between the worlds that occurs at Beltane. This is no coincidence given that Samhain and Beltane are reflections of polarized opposites seasonally and on the Great Wheel. The energy that is called forth at Samhain is that of communication with those who lay beyond our physical realms. We call to our loved ones and the guiding Ancestors to offer up their wisdom and sight of gnosis. It is this wisdom that will carry us through the darkening of the months ahead, the natural turning within and the introspection that holds within its womb the spark of Light that will be birthed at the Winter Solstice. If we are successful in connection, we emerge from this veiling with greater perspective and a little more knowledge of self.  

As this energy thins, dissipates and then reforms in new manner it comes half wheel cycle to Beltane, where we now stand ready to receive the gifts of communion with the Greater Earth, its inhabitants and the creative source of what will be. These veils stand as the point of inception and quickening of what will move, expand and grow in its form; some of which will serve the manifest world and the remainder a gift of reciprocity to the Greater Earth. In its simplest form, I equate the parting of the veils at Beltane as those of new life that has yet to be. This is potential that is catalyzed by the act of creative union itself. The veils of Samhain are those of the realm of what has been. These cloak the mysteries of those who have lived the fullest expression of their manifest lives and are now additionally informed by the act of transmutation into another form.

As we celebrate Beltane, we call into presence the Fires of life and part the veils of the mystery of creation. These are the fires of consummate union, fulfilled by the union of God and Goddess, male and female. We see all around us, life awakening from its long winter sleep and the enlivening of the Maiden’s touch at the Spring Equinox. We felt the first stirrings of the veils thinning as the balance and integration of the equinox began its outpouring in the direction of sustaining and nurturing new life. The air surrounding now with a thread of warming sun’s light, the kiss of the God maturing as Youth, as tender buds and flowers coyly peeked out from branch and fertile ground. The land spirits harkened to the Maiden’s call and the air took on another layer of refined density, whether in wood or city’s concrete pavement.

The longing to return to nature, to be held in the embrace of lover and loved one grew stronger as life pushed towards this moment, this space of union that is Beltane. Parting the veils at this time is an opening to our natural and instinctual selves and the connection to the basic needs and desires that are the promise of continuation of species and the cycles of growth and evolution.  We dance around the fires of a quickened womb and Maypoles of phallic intent that will provide the seeding for new life.  We call to the Fae and Devas and Spirits of plant and land to witness and come join in our acts of creation; a longing of magick and the mundane to re-unite.  

When we call upon our feminine or Goddess natures we empower those parts of ourself that are intuitively based; that align with the heart and serve to nurture. These are the energies that give form to the flow of force. When we call upon our masculine or God-like nature, we open to the strength and primal instinct for survival. We yearn for that which aligns with the source of our courage and our connection with the density of the earth and its creatures. These are the energies of force that needs containment and direction of outpour.

As the two are combined and the energies of great force are held within the structure of creative form, the product is potent, deep and life changing magick. When we enter into the co-mingling of the masculine and the feminine powers, they are brought into a state of equality in need and intent. This is the magick of reciprocity as the firing of heart is infused with instinct towards right action and productivity. The child of this union is the igniting of the creative spark within; the inner chamber and gate that holds the mystery of our fullest potential and what may be brought into the manifest realm that will serve all. It is from this source of center that we part the veils and call to the realm of the Greater Earth; deepening an existing connection and knowingness that will inform all of our actions both physically and spiritually.

May the God and Goddess bless your journey and may the mysteries of Beltane and its veils of quickening give birth to your true nature.  

Read More: The Divine Couple

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A Book for These Uncertain Times…

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, And Embrace Your Power by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Adams Media (An Imprint of Simon & Schuster), 978-1-5072-0832-8, 224 pp., 2018

I have read and reviewed several of Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s books and have always found them useful and relevant in both content and presentation.  This title is no different in that statement but all the more important during these times of uncertainty and the challenges of COVID-19.

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, And Embrace Your Power is an invitation to step into our power and use the magick that we know and trust to move with more confidence and strength in the months ahead. This statement is the first paragraph of the Introduction and I cannot think of any that speak more to our current situation.

…Whether you are seeking to protect your emotional well-being, reinforce your confidence, or find some comfort in a stressful world, protection spells can help. Feeling unsafe puts a strain on your emotional state and robs you of energy, but the spells in this book can strengthen your comfort and security and heal your body and mind… 1.

Protection Spells is thoughtfully organized in three (3) parts; giving the impression of a lean and simple text. There is nothing lean, nor simple in the work that you are called to. The flow is organic in moving from Part 1: Spellcrafting into the work of crafting Part 2: Spells and coming to a practical application in the final Part 3: Rituals and Protective Objects.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Spellcrafting gives the reader a concise definition of what a spellcraft is, and the reason for employing its use as a routine part of your spiritual/magickal work…

…What is spellcraft? It’s the art of using energy to help regulate your world, to attune yourself to the energies around you, and to work with those energies for a beneficial outcome….Using spells to protect and defend yourself, the people you care about, and various areas of your life can be part of supporting healthy living…2.

The foundations are laid in plain language regarding what spells are and what they are not, the components that are required, and I don’t mean the decorative items; and the ethics of spell work. This last are, ethics, is a biggie when it comes to spellcraft; the most prevalent breach is in many of those oh so popular love spells. We are reminded that even the best intentions can go awry if permission of the parties involved is not given.  The chapter concludes with some basics including guidance in creating sacred space, altars and the adjuncts to and types of spells you may wish to use.

Part 2: Spells is broken down into four (4) chapters that give ample overview of how spell craft may be used for Body and Spirit (Chapter 2); House and Home (Chapter 3), Family and Friends (Chapter 4) and Out and About (Chapter 5), which takes into consideration the needs in more public locales such as work or school.

Chapter 2: Body and Spirit is filled with spell work that takes into consideration preventative measures and actions that compliment a daily spiritual practice as well as the challenges met in mundane work. Offerings such as: Protection from Oversaturation, Defense Against Social Media Overload, Saying No, Defense Against Burnout, Protecting Yourself Emotionally and many more cover all of the bases of need as well as encouraging the establishing of healthy boundaries and general well-being. There is even a Safe Deposit Box Spell for protection of your home!

One of the spells that caught my attention in Chapter 3: House and Home was the work to Enchant Cleaning Supplies for Protection with the rationale that…

…Magically programming your cleaning supplies is one of the easiest ways to support the magical maintenance of your home. You houseclean on a regular basis anyway, so why not tie magical cleansing into the physical part?…3.

Simple, smart and intuitive and I must confess a use of spellwork that has been completely off my radar. Each of the spells is given additional support with tips and maintenance reminders and considerations, which compliment a weaving of these actions into the routine of magickal and mundane work.

Chapter 3: Out and About continues the broadening of spellcraft use in very practical ways. I thought the Transit Pass Spell was wonderful and the suggestion to couple it with the prior given Visualization Spell for Vehicles added another layer of support.

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, And Embrace Your Power completes its work of self-empowerment in Part 3: Rituals and Protection Objects.

… Sometimes you need more than a spell. These rituals are longer and more detailed, and they involve more energy and more focus. They accordingly provide a more complex level of protection. These rituals are excellent foundations upon which to add levels of defense with spells…4.

Chapter 6: Rituals delivers of what is promised with rituals that are both easy to do and call for supplies that are easily obtained and many of which you probably already have in your home. Categories include rituals of protection for the home, objects and a person, with the reminder of need for obtaining permission.

Chapter 7: Protective Objects provides a buffet of supports to bolster your spell work using appropriately corresponding energies. Colors, herbs, crystals, Gods and Goddesses, Saints and Angels, sacred symbols and talismans and more are all woven into the why’s and how to incorporate into your workings.

The Bibliography has just enough reference resources to deepen your understanding and knowledge of effective magickal work in general. And, I always appreciate the addition of an Index for this type of book, making it easy to return to as reference frequently and find exactly what I need effortlessly.  

Would I recommend:

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, And Embrace Your Power by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is filled with everything you need to begin the art of spellcrafing and use its inspiration for writing and acting with intention and power. The approach is one of not only informing, but I believe instilling self-awareness as well. In order to effectively make use of this spells, you have to understand the mechanisms of your own personal energy, intent and all the while be fully present and aware of how your actions are impacting and affecting the world around you. That world is both the greater expanse of locale and the microcosmic domain of your inner workings.  There is much to read between the lines of this book and as I commented at the beginning, that reading is timely and exceptionally relevant now.

About the Author:

Arin Murphy-Hiscock is the author of SpellcraftingWiccaThe Way of the Green WitchThe Green WitchThe Way of the Hedge WitchPagan Pregnancy, Power Spellcraft for LifeSolitary Wicca for Life, and The Hidden Meaning of Birds: A Spiritual Field Guide. She has been active in the field of alternative spirituality for over twenty years and lives in Montreal, Canada.


  1. Introduction
  2. p. 11
  3. p.  83
  4. p. 181

Find on Amazon:

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, And Embrace Your Power

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In the Cold Lay the Beginnings of the Wild

This writing is a reposting of what was published in my Sage Woman Blog several years ago. You will also note that it speaks to the Winter. Although we are moving towards the warmth of May, I felt the intentions and observations expressed then are useable now as we strive to emerge from this time of separation and feeling less than empowered…

I call to the wild
The soft
The brutal
The power within.
I move with grace
And strength
My blade readied
To pierce the veils
Of the unjust.
I speak my words
I create and I destroy
Each an expression
Of my true nature.
I run in the woods
I fly in the stormy skies
I stalk my prey in the stone
Constructs of the civilized.
I am relentless
I am beauty
I am the reflection
Of all that is of the light
And all that coalesces in the darkness.
I am the Divine Feminine
And I am all that you
Aspire to be.

I am always renewed and feel empowered at this time of the year. I am a daughter of the cold and wintry world and this is when I come alive and awaken all of my senses to the world around me.  This is also the time when I renew my commitment to the Divine Feminine and exploration of HER wild nature. This year, in particular has been difficult for many women given the political agendas and the fear of losing precious legal ground that has seen the sacrifice of many women’s privacy and power in gaining.

And so, as the weather becomes colder and the yearning to be at one with the changes of nature arises, I look for ways to be inspired and forge new pathways of opening in my journey as a woman and as embodiment of the Divine.  I offered up my devotions to Hecate and asked for guidance in where my journey would lead me this time.  The inspiration came in the form of a newly published book. 

I had already read Danielle’s book, Woman Most Wild, and thoroughly enjoyed the candor and fullness of experience presented regarding a subject that has many layers of meaning.  So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to preview Danielle’s current release, The Holy Wild; A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman (New World Library.2018).  So, this writing is a work in progress; a bit of a book review and sharing of teachings to be explored and savored in the months ahead.

I feel as though I have stepped through a gate of experiences that contain many rooms, each colored by what I already know of myself and yet distinct and unique in what I have to learn in digging more deeply.  My exploration of what the wild within me means has had to be purposefully sought out given that I live in a very urban setting and my time in the natural (un-manicured) world is more infrequent than I would like. The constraints of time, work, family, coven and my own teaching schedule crowd in and the joy of metaphorically, let alone, moving wild and free basking in the power of that freedom as creatirx and destroyer, so I wait until the need becomes visceral and the chill of winter awakens me.

I’ve begun moving through the first chapter of the Holy Wild and in looking ahead, love that the way this book has been structured is such that I can keep the wild close at hand and reminded throughout the year. Yes, I know this is work that I should be doing year round, but the right motivation and imagery set through words goes along way with me in letting the wild unfold within me and the story be written in every season, Sabbat and working.

I begin in Earth (the First Chapter, each following a compendium of use through all of the Elements) and taking a walk in the woods, feel the ground beneath, the life that has been sacrificed so that new verdant growth may lay dormant and safe. I smell the woods and feel the vibration of hoofs as Deer trod their familiar paths and the Goddess, Elen of the Ways stands as wild steward of her four-leggeds. I am reminded of Lilith and the forbidden fruits and the taste of knowledge as its juicy wisdom ran down a throat that spawned creation. My walk brought many revelations and as I carried these home  I was excited to make use of one of the first actions in Danielle’s book, Coming Home to the Wilds: Building The Living Altar.

This work of building is more than a simple house blessing or a claiming of sacred space…

In this House , I brew with Crone Magick. The old ways of magick-making are emblazoned on my very cells, and I need no Book of Light and Shadow to tell me the right words or the perfect chant. Here , I am a Witch-Priestess in a congregation of one, and even my closest kin do not know all of my secrets…

I speak these words, and I am liberated. I am free. I am standing in the power of my nature-wild and attuned to all that is required to become the living altar of my magick. The words resonated within me and they are transmuted as my own spill out, spreading my magick throughout my home and quickening the experience of awakening the wild within from my walk previously.  And, this day’s profound work is just the beginning of my yearly revelations!

There is a saying that “a woman’s work is never done”.  The truth in that statement is profound in its greater meaning that the feminine, as principle and form-polarity and naming, are continually evolving and the cycle of the wild and holy matriarch is arising stronger and crafted, I believe by greater self-awareness.  My gratitude to Danielle for being one to blaze this path of renewal.


Dulsky, Danielle. The Holy Wild: The Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman


Dulsky, Danielle. Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within

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Inspired Reading-Cozy Up to “Enchantments”

Inspirations of Life

This weekend I’m offering a book review that may be just what is needed to inspire some magick. Enjoy!

Enchantments: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self-Possession by Myra Spalter

Inspired by a New York Occult shop of the same name, Enchantments: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self-Possession, takes the reader on a virtual tour of the shop, its wares and the accompanying advice and conversation that might be had when looking to craft a beautiful and meaningful altar space, or create sacred space.

The author, Mya Spalter, uses a very warm approach, telling how she came to work at Enchantments store and then taking you on a journey through the highlights of her learning and experiences in working in a busy occult venue. Even the way in which the book has been arranged feels like a coffee break exchange of information of “what works, and what doesn’t?”, “how’d…

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April 7.2020 Full Moon in Libra

Join me for the first in a series of videos using poetic rune as the vehicle of working for devotion and intention during the Full Moon lunation.

Each month’s Full Moon will focus on practical application of the astrological mantle in a simple and brief span of 5 minutes. Nothing, other than yourself and your heartfelt intention is required.

You will be directed to my YouTube Channel to access the video.Click here: 5-Minute Full Moon-April 2020


Mother Moon
Full faced of Light
Holding Libra’s scales
Weighing the measure of night.

Heed my call
My devotion, my gift
That harmony prevails
Uncertainty set adrift.

Healing waters rising up
Renewed and filled with grace
Strength in your light
Pouring onto upturned face.

Breath flowing strongly
Opening clarity of mind
Healing all of Spirit
Divinely and lovingly refined.

Strength of Will to action
Resilient and bountiful
Body made whole and manifest
Cloaked in Mother’s soothing mantle.

Mother Moon comfort is offered
From your nurturing and gentle hand
In the blessing of your revealing
In your watery image collectively we stand.

Mother Moon, ruler of this night
Milky orb of my heart’s desire
On this night of unending devotion
Awaken the depths of my
Spirit’s purifying fires.

In your likeness may I be renewed
In your power may I guide the way
In your light may I see my inner truths
And in gratitude and health may
I greet each day.

Mother Moon
Full faced of Light
The scales of balance sway
Held in my hand of knowing sight.
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Inspired Innocence… Run With It…

Inspirations of Life

What if?

…..You could tap into the innocence of your inner child

What if?

…..You used this time of being at home to dream

What if?

…..You allowed for this space of imagining to arise each day, even after the return to life’s routine crowds is.

I chose this picture for today because it reminds me of the power of slipping into the mind of a child and all the possibilities that manifest from those imaginings. This is a time when everything is new and exciting. This is the place of crafting the “who” you want to be.

The disclaimer here is that I am not speaking of an idyllic childhood that I am all to aware that many did not have. Rather, I am speaking to the power of the mind and imagination to craft the intention it wishes, the space of joy it deserves and the ultimate release…

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An Inspired Weekend……

A pathworking to enter into this weekend with The Intention of Healing. This pathworking is 20min. in length and may be used as frequently as needed as you strengthen your resolve and allow healing and renewal to bolster your immune system.

You will be directed to my BandCamp page: The Intention of Healing

Stay safe and well… Robin

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New Moon in Aquarius: Our Temple of Haven

January 24.2020

The Moon transits New tomorrow morning in the airy astrological sign of Aquarius. This is the call to visioning what could be. To creating a new narrative and thus a new blueprint of desired outcome and hope. This all sounds quite grand, but the reality is that we are in the midst of some very challenging times and reserves of health, will and stamina are in short supply.

I am currently running a series of classes entitled The Power of the Witch:Magickal Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit. This past week our focus was on renewal and health of the Body. Our corporeal form that provides the day-to-day support to enable our greater work of spiritual practice….

Read the full article and access the Pathworking here

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