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Ritual Pathworking: Lighting Our Torch! All Hail, Columbia!

About This Ritual: This pathworking is an experiential rendition of a live ritual held on January 29.2017 at 3:00p.m. (EST) in Springfield, PA. Our coven had decided that we would use the celebration of Imbolc, normally held at this time … Continue reading

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New Moon in Aquarius and A Vision For Change!

January 27.2017 New Moon in Aquarius 7:07p.m. (EST) Sun in Aquarius The last post, Scry Deeply For Your Vision of Change, issued a call to reaching into those deep waters of self to explore who you are and what your … Continue reading

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Jan2017-Card 1-Strength vs. Justice -Toth

Originally posted on 78 Keys of Tarot:
Toth Key XI – Strength/Lust Lose yourself in loosening the reins of weakness Use your power to affect change See the full vision of many paths and many ways of being Trust in your…

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