30-Days of Samhain 2020 – Index

The final harvest calls, the Ancestors await and the veils between the worlds have thinned offering the gifts of healing, transformation and deeper communion with the cycles of nature.

2020 marks the fourth year of 30-Days of Samhain! This year has been challenging and turbulent and as we approach this sacred time of the year all that we hold dear is reaching out to embrace us in all of its beauty and power.

In past years we have explored the mysteries of Samhain using a daily format of postings and suggestions to deepen your awareness of this sacred time of the year. This year I’ll also be adding videos, book reviews and some virtual ritual events. The countdown ends with Astrological Samhain on November 7.2020.

Timeline 2020:

Astrological Samhain occurs on November 7th @ 5:56pm (EST)
Day One begins on October 9th


October 8.2020

BONUS VIRTUAL EVENT: A Special Esbat the eve before 30-Days of Samhain begins its countdown!

ESBAT: Last Qrt. Moon in Astrological CancerOctober 8th @ 7pm

This Esbat ritual will make use of the energy of the Last Qrt. Waning Moon in astrological Cancer to begin the journey of “30-Days of Samhain”, an exploration of connection to our beloved ancestors and the hidden worlds.We will call to the gifts of our intuitive nature, strengthen the power of healing our losses and stand in the light of a darkness that awakens our truth of home and family. This ritual will be one of preparation as we stand at the mid-point of the Full Moon in Aries and the New Moon in Libra. Fire and Air are the mantles of our creative self and Cancer provides the cardinal energy of creating sanctuary.

Bonus Post: Book Review-The Green Witch’s Grimoire:Your Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Book of Natural Magic  10.10.2020

Bonus Video: (pre) Samhain Full Moon Esbat in Astrological Taurus 10.28.2020

Samhain Ritual performed on Oct. 28th. This ritual used the energies of a Waxing Moon towards today’s Full Blue Moon of astrological Taurus. We coalesced the energies of the Retrograde Planets of Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Pluto. Please note that on this date Mercury was retrograde at 0-degrees Scorpio. Today. with its retrograde motion Mercury stands in the astrological mantle of Libra. A fitting transition of bringing the depths that arose from Scorpio’s mysteries into the harmonious vision of balance and beauty that is Libra. (approx. 45mins)

Bonus Video: 5-Minute Full Blue Samhain Moon 10.31.2020

Join me on this auspicious Blue (the second in a singular month) Moon in astrological Taurus. The power and strength of manifest intention for right mind, right action, and right thought fill these bountiful waters of Mother’s fullness.

Bonus Post: Book Review-Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick and Manifestation 11.04.2020


Please note that pages will become available on the day of reference. Enjoy!

Eve of 30-Days of Samhain Countdown 10.08.2020

Day One: Introduction and Welcome 10.09.2020

Day Two: The (basic) Astrology of Samhain 10.10.2020

Day Three: Books of the Craft 10.11.2020

Day Four: The Gods of Samhain 10.12.2020

Day Five: The Goddesses of Samhain 10.13.2020

Day Six: Preparing for the Journey of the Shadow (Includes an Audio Pathworking) – 10.14.2020

Day Seven: The Altars of Samhain 10.15.2020

Day Eight: The New Moon of Libra and the Maiden 10.16.2020

Day Nine: Just for Fun! Samhain Correspondences 10.17.2020

Day Ten: Samhain Incense and Oils 10.18.2020

Day Eleven: The Witch’s Year Tarot Spread 10.19.2020

Day Twelve: What About These Veils? 10.20.2020

Day Thirteen: Creati(vity)on Calls 10.21.2020

Day Fourteen: At Death’s Gate-The Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess (An Audio Pathworking) – 10.22.2020

Day Fifteen: The Call of the Crone 10.23.2020

Day Sixteen: Into the Belly 10.24.2020

Day Seventeen: Who Are the Ancestors 10.25.2020

Day Eighteen: The Ancestor’s Cauldron (An audio pathworking + transcript) 10.26.2020

Day Nineteen: The Gift of My Ancestor-A Tarot Spread for Samhain 10.27.2020

Day Twenty: Entering the Hall of Divination 10.28.2020

Day Twenty-One: The Wisdom of the Bones 10.29.2020

Day Twenty-Two: A Meeting at the Crossroads (a visual pathworking for Samhain Eve) 10.30.2020

Day Twenty-Three: Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! 10.31.2020

Day Twenty-Four: Reaching Back to Stand Fully Present in the Future 11.01.2020

Day Twenty-Five: Dia de Los Muertos 11.02.2020

Day Twenty-Six: Reaching Back 11.03.2020

Day Twenty-Seven: Memories 11.04.2020

Day Twenty-Eight: Life-Long Learners 11.05.2020

Day Twenty-Nine: All Paths Have Led Me to YOU (inclds. An Audio Pathworking) 11.06.2020

November 7.2020 Astrological Samhain

Day Thirty: What Have We Left Behind

Posts Calling to Hecate:

Hecate’s Call: The Maiden
The Longing of the Maiden

Hecate’s Call: The Mother
The Sorrow of the Mother

Hecate’s Call: The Crone
The Silence of the Crone